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Come on over and join my Facebook Group.  It’s a group of readers who enjoy talking about books, movies, music, or anything light.  They’re also the first to know what’s coming next from me.  Plus they get sneak peaks, early announcements, promotional swag, and generally have a good time.  Come check it out.   Pat’s Panthers.

Or, if you simply want information about my new releases, follow me on my Patricia Lewin fan page.

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Incredible that these actors can remember lines decades later. That was awesome. I LOVE Huge Jackman.

I love love love Hugh Jackman. He can do anything. And I love The Music Man. My brother played Prof Hill in high school ❤️

For me, its when I read an idea that stops me, makes me think, see things in a different way, or clarifies something Ive been struggling with.

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Then there is the converse. You are reading and suddenly realize that you have no idea what the main character is doing or why and that you really don't care about either. Then you set the book down and use it as a coaster for your coffee cup while you start another book.

This may be why I had to give away sixty (yes, thats 60) boxes of books when we moved from Boston to Dallas.  There are no basements here and well . . .  where was I going to put all those books? But, not to worry.  I probably brought another 30 boxes with me.  :)

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Oh, and just an insight in how I managed to acquire all those books. Years ago at Writer's Conferences, they'd give away books . . . a lot of books. I'd come home with 30 - 50 free books. Usually I'd ship them.

I still have a home library of probably 5,000 books (mainly romance) and plan to downsize /get rid of almost all of them in the near future but not sure where they'll go.

I understand

You could always insulate your wall with them. 😁

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Oh yes, I could live there!

Oh yes I think so!!

We’re in! Get a dozen or so friends to go in on it and use it like a timeshare!


Mais oui! Toute de suit, s'il vous plat!

Oui! I posted this one, too!

Ooh la la, mais oui! 💙

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