My Favorite Character

Erin Baker (from Out of Reach & Out of Time)

All authors have their favorite books, the ones that will always hold a special place for them. I have several that have meaning for me because of the time or circumstances when I wrote them, or simply because I loved the story. However, I could not pick just one.

On the other hand, of all the characters I’ve created, Erin Baker is my favorite. She’s smart, brave, strong, and well . . . damaged. I’ve often said that I not only love writing about Erin, I want to be her. (Well, except for the ‘damaged’ part.)

So where did she come from? I’m not sure. I usually plan out my characters with certain traits in mind that will fulfill the needs of the story. Erin, though, came to life for me organically. I had a story I wanted to write, all plotted out, and I needed a character to live that story. Before I knew it, Erin took on a life of her own. It was like she became the director, telling me who she was and how she’d act. It was, as an author who usually has control of her stories and characters, a wonderful adventure. And so, Erin Baker came alive for me, first in Out of Reach and then, Out of Time.

However, I’m still not done with her. You remember that whole ‘damaged’ part? At the end of Out of Time, she’s nearly broken . . . So I have to find out if and how she heals in the next book, Out of the Woods (Coming later this year). And yes, Erin’s still the director.

Pat Lewin

P.S.  Go take a look at my working cover for Out of the Woods and let me know what you think.

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